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Sesame Seeds

A very versatile seed indeed! We have realized how important this little seed is to the culinary world. India is one of the leading producers of Sesame Seeds and Fazlani Exports Pvt. Ltd., have access to the finest seeds grown here. Our expertise lies not only in procuring seeds from India but also from various other areas such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Pakistan & Other African origins.

We offer below varieties of Sesame Seeds:

Hulled Sesame Seeds:
Considered as the most nutritious seeds because of their high protein content.

Natural Sesame Seeds:
We offer the finest quality which are whole and nutty.

Black Sesame Seeds:
Rich in calcium, protein and Vitamin-B. Used as topping, flavoring and also for medicinal purpose.

Roasted/Toasted Sesame Seeds:
These seeds are cholesterol free with natural aroma. Used in chocolates, ice cream and halva.